Your Home Afloat



When you are inside - you won't feel cramped.  Our spacious salon has hosted 10 guests for a cozy dinner.  With just you - it's plenty of room to stretch out and relax.



At day's end or a mid day nap - you'll relax in your private stateroom.  With en suite bathroom and private shower, it will feel more like home than you could have imagined. Headroom throughout the boat is around 6'4"

The Bridge


Our favorite 'room.'  The bridge is where it all happens.  The breeze, the sun, the views  It's where you'll enjoy being in the coastal out of doors while relaxing high above the  hustle and bustle.

. . .and more Bridge Room

Bridge seating area and upper helm.

There's room for many or this can beyour private place to stretch out and relax with a good book out of the sun.  Our forward bridge area is under cover.

Stroll the Deck


Experience the feel of solid teak decks on bare feets.  Feel free to roam about and find your favorite nook to hang out.

. . .and yes Dolphins


Rarely do we get loose from the dock without being joined by pods of Dolphins.  Day trips along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) will frequently include visits from these frolicking friends.